Keeping on top of repairs and maintenance in your home is important throughout the year but it is no surprise that extra care and attention is required in the lead up to, and during, the winter months.

Not only does the likelihood of issues occurring in your home increase due to the cold climate, but the chances of experiencing delays from tradespeople and contractors is also increased during this time of year due to the amount of jobs being recorded.

According to a report from Fixflo, repair and maintenance issues reported to them steadily increased in the months leading up to winter, reaching a peak in November with over 70,000 issues reported during the month in 2022.

Property issues like these affect homeowners and tenants living in the properties, but also landlords and property managers who are tasked with ensuring the issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Prevention is key and understanding the most common problems can help stop them from occurring and also ensure that the right contractors are in place to act fast if these issues do occur.

Here are the 5 most common winter home repairs according to Fixflo:

1.Water leaks

Reported as the most common issue in both 2021 and 2022, water leaks can become serious problems fast, especially when they aren’t detected straight away. Water leaks can be caused by various factors, with frozen water pipes the most common – another issue brought on by the winter weather. Frozen pipes are caused by water expanding as it freezes putting pressure on the pipework causing it to split. Wear and tear over time can also cause water leaks, such as seals and cracks around baths and showers and copper pipes becoming corroded.

2.Boiler repairs

Having a working boiler with hot water and heating is essential during the winter months so any issues with your boiler can be a disaster. Common issues with your boiler can range from the pilot light going out, low pressure, strange noises, to radiators not heating up. If you are a property owner, it’s important to ensure that your boiler is serviced annually to prevent any major issues and to ensure your boiler’s overall health. 

3.Broken extractor fan

The chances of mould appearing increases over 200% in winter compared to summer, with damp patches occurring 100% more. One of the leading causes of mould and damp is brought on by broken extractor fans in the bathroom. A small issue which is easy to ignore but can quickly lead to a larger problem if left over time. Therefore it’s important to deal with this issue as soon as it occurs.

With Tay Letting, reporting property repair and maintenance can be done easily, 24/7, through our online portal with Fixflo.


Issues with radiators are 2x more likely to be reported over the winter months with problems ranging from no heating, cold areas on the radiator, strange noises and leaking. Radiators will be working overtime in winter to ensure homes are kept warm and some issues might not have been noticed or reported during summer. If you have started to use your heating more, it’s important to check every radiator in your home, check that the temperature increases and that the heat is properly dispersed throughout and that there are no cold patches. Check for any leaks too, any corrosion around the pipes and that there are no persistent noises. Some noises are common when the radiator first comes on and especially after periods of not being in use, but persistent noises should be investigated as soon as possible.


Problems in the kitchen leading up to winter can be a combination of issues such as leaks caused from damage to sealant around the sink, sealant wear and tear around tiling and worktops, damp patches appearing, condensation build up and drafts. Due to the combination of issues, reports for kitchen repairs are 2x more likely to happen in November compared to March.


Preventing and preparing for winter property repairs

As a landlord, the best way to prepare for winter property repairs is to trust a reliable property management service such as Tay Letting. We have a network of trusted contractors on hand to deal with any issues that may occur in your property and we can act fast to ensure the property is protected and the tenant is happy. Our management process is there to take the stress away from you and your tenants.