You can report any maintenance issues in your property using our online portal, which can be accessed here. The portal allows tenants to report maintenance issues quickly and conveniently. You can attach a photo or video, which will allow us and the contractor, to quickly diagnose the issue. The portal tracks all your reported issues, and it also allows you to communicate directly with the property manager, and the contractor appointed to carry out any repairs.

We would encourage you to bookmark the web page in case you need to use it in the future.


Please be advised that the Emergency Contractor numbers should only be called in the case of a genuine emergency, and that you may be liable for any costs incurred if there is not an imminent risk to:-
• Health & safety;
• The structure of the building; or
• The security of the property.

Glasgow contacts

MMS (Gas & Plumbing): 07878 980984

Ian Hendry (Joiner & Locksmith): 07971 419180

Property One (General Maintenance, Electrical & Plumbing, Roofing, Drainage, Joinery, Locksmith): 0141 611 1922


Edinburgh contacts

Vulcan (Electrical & Gas): 07979 524502 or 07791 011885

Icon Heating (Gas and Plumbing Services): 0131 212 5296

Lockstar Lock and Key Company (Locksmith): 0131 258 0909


Dundee contacts

Morgan Thomson (Joiner & Locksmith): 07947 546602

Fax Joiners (Joiner & Locksmith): 07502388183

WH Donachie Ltd (Gas & Plumbing): 07722 018298 or 01382 818298

Dundee Gas Services (Gas): 07963 739424 (Weekdays only)

David Kidd (Electrician): 07494 554574

Pulse Electrical (Dundee) Ltd (electrician): 07920837076

MA Roofing (Roofing and Building Work): 07835 209874

Frequently asked questions

No, it is requested that the rent is to be paid from one nominated bank account, with the tenant reference code as reference.

Any request for a co-tenant to vacate a property will be taken to the Landlord to obtain their agreement. To end a joint tenancy, all tenants must agree to end the tenancy and sign the notice to leave. One joint tenant cannot terminate a joint tenancy on behalf of all joint tenants. If one tenant is leaving and the remaining tenant has another tenant lined up to move in, then a new tenancy will have to be created and an official move out to take place to allow for a formal checkout and new inventory for the new tenancy agreement.

You must provide written notice to the following email address – You must give your landlord at least 28 days’ notice in writing if you want to end the tenancy. The notice period will be taken from the day the written notice to leave is received.

Once the tenancy has reached the official end date, we will conduct the checkout report, the next working day. This is the stage where the initial inventory for the property will be compared to the condition of which the property has been left in. Once the Checkout report has been undertaken, this will be formally processed and if we believe we have claim to request any deductions from the deposit for damages/dilapidations, we will advise accordingly.

Your deposit is held by Mydeposits Scotland, and you should contact them after you have vacated the property to request that the deposit be refunded. In the case of a joint tenancy, the lead tenant must contact them to instigate the deposit reclaim. Their telephone number is 0333 321 9402. You can request the deposit refund online here. You will also require your Deposit Protection Certificate number (DPC) which was provided at the beginning of your tenancy. If there is a dispute over the amount to be returned, you will be required to submit evidence challenging the claims made against the deposit for Mydeposits Scotland to make an independent adjudication on any dispute. Further information regarding the deposit legislation in Scotland, can be found here.

The first Routine Inspection of the tenancy will take place approximately 6 weeks from taking occupancy of the property. We will then carry out regular inspections throughout the course of your tenancy. You will be notified in advance via email of the date an inspection will take place. The inspections will take place between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and will only proceed with a tenants prior authorisation.

If the duration of the tenancy has been less than a 6 month period, the Landlord is required to provide a minimum of 28 days’ notice to the tenant, with the additional allowance of 48 hours for delivery time. If the duration of the tenancy has been greater than 6 months, then the required notice period is a minimum of 84 days, again with the additional allowance of 48 hours for delivery time.For further details for any of the above, please contact the office on 0141 336 6232 or email us at

Tenant enquiries

Our team are always on hand to help you with every property request. Call us on…

Glasgow 0141 336 6232

Edinburgh 0131 610 6232

Dundee 01382 207790

Office hours

Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Saturday: 10.00am – 2.00pm*

Sunday: Closed

*Dundee closed on Saturday

Alternatively, you can request for one of our team to get back to you