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9/4 Fowler Terrace

Fowler Terrace was a property which was achieving £450 pcm before we assumed management in December 2018. In order to avoid disrupting the existing tenancy we allowed it to run its course until it came to a natural end when the tenant purchased their own property. At this stage we planned, oversaw, and instructed a complete refurb to modernise the apartment. This involved working closely with the architect, tradesmen and interior designer in order to ensure the property was finished to the highest of standards. We have recently let the property and are now achieving an impressive £950 pcm on the rental market with a professional couple now in situ.

Bedrooms | Bathrooms
Purchase Price £85,000
ADS £0
Refurbishment £31,200
Furniture Package £4,467
Total Cost £120,667
Rent per month £950
Rent per annum £11,400
Gross Yield 9%
Capital Value £ 175,000

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